The University has a broad range of academic resources and facilities supporting students.


Every year, the university organizes the entrance examination on July. Before this event, our NLU give career direction to high school students and their parents. In three days’ entrance examination, the university mobilizes several groups of students to help new comers in seeking lodging and adapting to new environment.


The university has around 3000-bed dormitories for students, with sport facilities (stadium for multiple sports and healthy exercises), health clinic.


The language center offers training in English for academic purposes, and wide range of short specialist courses, while information systems services provide comprehensive computing facilities and support to all members of the university. All students are registered in data center and email system of the university to access more specialized services (time table, academic records, information notice, etc.). Free wifi is available in the campus and dormitories.


Students graduating from NLU have good records of entry into employment and higher education. The Youth Union and Student Support Office are particularly well places to help students to find successful training and transition from study to employments. Students receive several workshops and training in teamworking, leadership, communication, etc. to promote career in the future. These units also help students in planning their career, searching for job, producing targetted CVs and developing confidence at interviews.


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