The Faculty of Economics was established in 1978 as Faculty of Agricultural Economics. In 1993, the faculty name was changed into its current name in order to educate and train students at high interests in the comprehensive fields of economics, business management, accounting and finance. It has 6 departments: Agricultural Economics, Economics of Environment and Resources, Finance and Accounting, Rural Development, Business Administration, and Economics.


Academic Programs:

 Undergraduate programs (4 years)

-  Economics

·         Agricultural Economics

·         Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

-  Business Administration

·         Business Administration

·         Commercial Business Administration

·         Financial Administration

-  Agriculture Business

-  Rural Development and Agricultural Extension

-  Accounting

- Business Administration (joint training program)


Master of Science and PhD programs

- Agricultural Economics


Research Areas

    -  Farm and cooperative economics and business models

    -  Farming systems

    -  Agricultural development and rural extension

    -  Develop investment projects in rural business and development

    -  Business models in farming systems

    -   Models of management, accounting and audit

    -   Financial and accounting system

    -   Environmental and natural resource economics and management



Contact Address:     

Faculty of Economics
Nong Lam University

Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam


Tel: (84 8) 38961708 




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