The Faculty of Food Science and Technology was organized on December of 2000 upon the move and expansion of the old department, the Department of Agro-products Preservation and Processing found in 1995. It has 6 departments: Postharvest Technology, Human Nutrition, Food Biochemistry, Food Engineering, Food Processing & Product Development, and Food Microbiology. The faculty has one Meat and seafood processing workshop and six laboratories.


Academic programs

 Undergraduate programs (4 years)

-   Food Science and Technology:

·     Agricultural & Food Products Preservation and Processing

·     Agricultural & Food Products Processing and Human Nutrition

·     Agricultural & Food Products Processing and Food Microbiology

·     Food Technology (advanced program taught in English) associated with the University of California - UCDavis, USA


Master of Science (2 years)

·         Food and Beverage Technology


Research areas

       -     Food quality control and Food quality assurance

       -     Food nutrition

       -     Engineering properties and applications

       -     Postharvest technology

       -     Novel methods on food preservation and processing

       -     New product development


Contact Address:

Faculty of Food Technology 

Nong Lam University  

Cam Tu House - Linh Trung Ward - Thu Duc - Ho Chi Minh city

Viet Nam

Phone: (848) 3896 0871

Fax: (848) 3724 0077




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Food Science and Technology

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