The Faculty of Foreign Languages and Technical Education has developed on the mergence of the former Faculty of Foreign Languages and the Department of Technical Education since 2008. It currently comprises five departments: Department of English Language Pedagogy; Department of Linguistics, Literature and Culture Studies, Department of English for Management and Non-English Majors, Department of French Language, and Department of Technical Education.  The academic staffs include 34 senior lecturers and lecturers.


Academic Programs

 Undergraduate programs (4 years)

The Faculty offers the two following undergraduate programmes:

        -    BA in English Language with specializations in Management and ELT Teaching.  

        -    BA in Technical Education with specializations in Agricultural Education and Technical  Industrial Education.


Research Activities

The Faculty has a wide range of research interests in the fields of Education, Technical Education and ELT Teaching such as:

-     The theories and practice of English for Specific Purposes

-     Application of new approaches in the teaching of language skills

-     Application of new approaches in technical and engineering education

-     The impacts of the academic credit system in Vietnamese universities

-     Learning autonomy and motivations 

-     Teaching and research competence.


Contact Address:     

 Faculty of Foreign Languages

Nong LamUniversityHo Chi Minh City

Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: (848) 37220727 –(848) 38967808 (ext. 21)

Fax: (848) 38963349


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Foreign Languages

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