The Faculty of Forestry, established in 1955, is united from Faculty of Forestry of University of Agriculture No. 4 (former name of UAF), Faculty of Silviculture and Faculty of Forest Technology belonging to Dong Nai College of Forestry. It has 5 departments: Silviculture, Forest Product Processing, Forest Resources Management, Agroforestry and Social Forestry, Pulp and Paper Technology.


Academic Programs

 Undergraduate programs (4 years)

-     Forest Products Processing Technology

   ·   Forest Products Processing

   ·   Pulp and Paper Technology

-     Forestry

   ·      Forestry

   ·      Forestry and Agriculture Combination

   ·      Forest Resource Management

   ·      Information Technology in Forestry

Master of Science and PhD programs

       -     Forestry

       -     Forest Product Processing Technology


Research Areas and Technology Transfer:

       -     Forest planting on hill, high land or wetland.

       -     Forests’ resources management; study and transfer technology on agro-forestry; urban forestry               (planning, design, development of green trees system,...).

       -     Social forestry approach in South Vietnam, development of forestry projects, forestry                           extension, applications of GIS (geographic information system in forestry and planning).

       -     Forestry products processing and preservation.

       -     Chemicals technology in the production of paper and pulp.



Contact Address:     

Faculty of Forestry
Nong Lam University

Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam

Tel: (848) 3897 5453 - 3897 4606



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