In 1993, the Department of Land Management was founded under the control of Faculty of Agronomy. In 2001, it was changed into the Department of Land Management, Environment and Resources under the direct management of the Board of Rectors. In 2003, it became the Faculty of Land and Real Estate Management. The Faculty comprises 4 Departments: Law and Policy, Cadastral Technology, Land and Real Estate Economics and Planning. Its facilities include one computer lab (30 PCs), one GPS Station and many geodetic measuring devices: Pentax, Leica, 3T5K, 4T30 and Theo 010B, Dalhta 010B...


Academic Programs

Undergraduate programs (4 years)

-         Cadastral Technology

-         Land Administration

-         Real Estate Administration


Research Areas

-     Establishing soil maps, cadastral maps, current land use maps and land use planning maps

-  Establishing land use planning and -plans, planning and developing rural and urban areas; evaluating and classifying land

-  Implementing economic & technical solutions to the land measurement; applying GIS on data analysis and information management; researching and applying RS and GIS in establishing digital maps; using GIS & LIS in property management.

-  Registering land use rights, compiling and managing cadastral records; carrying out land statistics and inventories

-         Researching land and real estate economics

-         Researching land and real estate law



Contact Address:

Faculty of Land and Real Estate Administration

Nong Lam University

Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Hochiminh City, Viet Nam

Tel: (848) 37220261 - 38974749




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Land and Real Estate Management

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