Research Center for Climate Change (RCCC) was established in 2009 and its activities base on experiences gained from previous research projects conducted at Nong Lam University since 1980s, such as: Research on sustainable farming systems using  locally renewable natural resources; Research on community-based management applying in socio-forestry; Research on adaptation to environmental changes.


The establishment of RCCC is a response to the need for carrying-out studies on climate changes and relevant issues such as adaptation to the changes and mitigation of adverse impacts. The advantage of the center is its strong human resources from researchers and lecturers of different disciplines in agronomy, rural development, environmental sciences, social sciences, aquaculture and fisheries, economics, forestry, etc.


Research interests

    -         Vulnerability Assessment

-         Social Impact Assessment

-         Coastal and Wetland Management

-         Carbon Sequestration

-         Clean Energy

-         Ecosystem Services

-         Alternative Adaptation to Climate Changes


Contact Address

Research Center for Climate Change

Nong Lam University

Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc District, Hochiminh City, Viet Nam

Tel: (848) 37242522 - 37242521; Fax: (848) 38966946



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