Department of Biotechnology at Nong Lam University was established in 2001 as a priority education for human resource in the field of advanced technology based on biology.


Academic programs

Undergraduate programs  (4 years)

-         Biotechnology

·       Biotchnology

·       Environmental Biotchnology

-         Biotechnology (joint training program)


Master of Science program (2 years)

-         Biotechnology


Training courses (3 months)

-         Plant tissue culture

-         Mushroom cultivation techniques


Research Areas  

-         Application of molecular genetics for plant and animal breeding,

-         Application and development of useful microorganisms into agriculture, forestry and aquaculture

-         Application of biological engineering for waste disposal and pollution control; preservation of valuable gene resource; diagnosis of diseases in plant, livestock and aquaculture organisms

-         Application of plant secondary compounds in medicine

-         Initialization of radiation in the production of novel biomaterials

-         Collection and production of rice varieties adapting with climate changing



Contact address:

Department of Biotechnology

Nong Lam University  

Linh Trung Ward, Thu Duc district, Hochiminh City, Viet Nam.
(848) 37220295                 Fax: (848) 38960713


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