Industrial Crop Center was established in 2012 to develop research, training and technical transfer for crops with export products. The center has a laboratory for Seed Science and a nursery with previous research project since 2002.


Activities and Services:

-       Training of technical for intensive, organic, sustainable production for crops, especially for perennial crops like coffee, cocoa, tea, cashew, rubber, coconut, black-pepper, sugar-cane, pulse crops, medicinal plants.

-       Propagation of perennial crops.

-       Seed Science and Technology: germination test, moisture content determination, seed longevity, conservation.

-       Cooperation with other institutions for conducting foreign and national projects.    


Contact Address:


Industrial Crop Center

Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

Phuong Vy Building

Phone: 84-083-8961710  Fax: 84-083-8960713


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