The Center for Forestry Research and Technology Transfer was established according to the decision No. 102/QĐ-ĐHNL-TCCB on 01 February 2012.


Function and Activities


-          Serve training, Production, Scientific research and technology transfer in the fields of agrforestry, forest environment, and related field.

-          Provides scientific and technological services related to:  provide information, organise conferences, seminars, training,  and technical consultants.

-          Provides high-quality seeds for agroforestry.  

-          Evaluation and control the production activities such as:  seed production, wood, wood products and technical design.

-          Design projects related to  environmental impact assessment and agroforestry sustainable development.





Contact address:

Center for Forestry Research and Technology Transfer  (CEFORTT)

Nong Lam University

Lam Sinh camp,Trang Bom, Nong Lam University

Quang Phat, Quang Tien Commune, Trang Bom District, Dong Nai Province

Telephone: (84 8).38974606 - 38975453


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